Best Price

Dear customer,

we always try to offer the best price. Therefore we have some products which are marked with the best price label. If you find another shop offering one of those products with a lower price, you´ll get the lower price in our shop as well of course.

You find in these marked products a link to the best price form.


  • 1) The other shop is a German one
  • 2) Their offer is a permanent one
  • 3) The product is on stock
  • 4) It is the same method of payment
  • 5) The competitor charges the same shipping costs

Our Best Price Guarantee is does not apply when

  • 1) The competitor´s offer is a temporary offer
  • 2) The product is offered in an auction
  • 3) The competitor´s offer is a special discount or a voucher promotion

Our Best Price Guarantee works as follows:

  • 1) Fill in the best price form
  • 2) Please send a link from the competitor and the product in question


We´ll check your claim and send an order via email which offers the best price

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